Update Monday 17 march

That went OK, $GTAT opened higher than the close on last friday, peaked out at 17:45 -17:50.  Closed my open position on $17.24, bad exit, I was busy trading $ICPT…nevertheless a very predictable opening and cash in the bank:)


$ICPT friday after the close some bad news on which the stock tanked after hours and in the weekend positive news out on phase 3 results on which the stock gained 60 points or so. Bought at a dip premarket at 435 and sold right after open into the pop at 460. Ofcourse as soon as I sold it the stock peaked in a few minutes to 478. I bought back a small position at 467, stupid move…greed took over ..don’t I have a rule for that…should have. Sold that tiny position quickly with a loss at 460 and that pretty sweet compared to what happened to the stock next.

Not a bad day, 30 minutes into the open and both positions closed, all cash.

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