Thursday 1 may

$ZA last week I bought a speculative amount of shares anticipating the by management promised dividend. They kept their promise with a divi of .20 cts per adr. It says a lot about the legitimacy of the company and ofcourse their attitude towards the shareholders. I sold in the pop on the news of the divi. My take was that in combination with the not so good numbers .20 was a bit low. With all the cash they have I was expecting more like a one time special divi of about 1$ per adr and the announcement of a quarterly divi.

$GTAT been accumulating this on the dips last week and sold yesterday for a little profit. Was planning of adding slowly anticipating after the runup yesterday some lower prices. However because this company had a lot of irons in the fire I bought a decent portion and wrote me a OTM call for the option exp on the 16th. Did not expect the company to release news just before the ER. But they did and I was glad I bought some yesterday. Was tempted to sell when the runup turned parabolic however with this company I’d rather not have any naked calls…..I guess I’ll be waiting out the er. Anticipating some upwards revisions.

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