$GTAT share price had risen in anticipation of a IPHONE 6 with sapphire cover screen announcement on the $AAPL WWDC. This potential announcement was fueled by a lot of rumors. However it didnt come so the stock tanked. Looking for a drop in price this morning to pick up some shares. Fundamentally nothing changed, second half of 2014 will IMO bring some decent announcements. End of year target as always depending on market conditions will be at least 20$ per share.
$GTAT is hiring like crazy, refurbishing a  former R&D location to a production facility, and that for a company that laid of several hunderd employees during the former crisis says a lot. They would not be hiring and refurbishing if they did not already have customers for their products. And not only sapphire products for $AAPL

$ATHM on 9th of june the lockup of about 80 million shares expires. Currently there are 8 million shares on the market from the IPO. So relatively that is a lot of shares potentially coming to the market. Company seemed to be doing well but I still think the stock will get some downwards pressure in the weeks after the lockup exp. Looking for an entry point this week but unfortunelaty yesterday I could not find shares to short. Options are not very liquid either…

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