11 dec 2014 $AGIO $CALA

Trading Plan for 11 dec:

No plan

Trade Execution on 11dec:


Stock AGIO:
ss entry 18.37 based on double top, market down. Put in another ss at 19.27 just above double top to average. But that one did not fill. Put in a bid at 17.16. It only went to 17.22 so did not full unfortunately and price eventually spiked through 18 towards 19. In that spike I managed to get out at 18,17 ish. Small profit.

Lesson learned:
When the price went down and almost hit my bid the first time and bounced I was tempted to raise my bid to 17.30. Also because less than 30 minutes to trade. However I was stubborn and did not raise it. So I was forced to cover higher and lucky to be not down on the day for this particular trade.



Stock CALA:
ss entry

Lesson learned:

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